Bonanza Educational: Four unique brands, one great organization.


We’re not sure exactly which program brought you here. Maybe it is from a love of the Culinary Arts, Film Making and Story Telling, Dance or probably our classic LEGO┬« programs. Whichever it was, you are looking for a better enrichment class for your student.

Bonanza is kind of like a Soda Company, we offer many great flavor brands under one Company name and do all of them very well. This applies for both the end user and the organizations we partner with.

Since starting our company in 2010 we continue to add exciting, challenging enrichment programs and partners to better the lives of the students and community who surround us.

Please click on the [read more] links below to learn more about the brands and what unique principals they teach.


Building BonanzaBuilding Bonanza: The original Valley LEGO Enrichment Program

Using LEGO brand Toys to Spark the imagination and be a STEM of knowledge to our next Generations economy through engineering concepts and a creative mentality.


Reel Stars: Movie Making for Kids, by KidsREEL Stars FILMING

Using the lasted generation of the Apple iPad Mini’s we teach students how to direct, act, write and tell a story through the lens. Both live filming and Stop Motion Animation teach student team building and individual successes.



Culinary Creations: Cooking and Decorating Enrichment Classes

A unique look how Cooking and Decorating Classes will enrich the lives of young chefs and bakers. With Programs like Cupcake Wars, Take and Bake and Microwave Marvel we cover the basic meal to the after dinner treat.


B.E. Active: Not just a Basketballs & Footballs take on SportingB.E. Active

As most sports programs center on team building and competition, Bonanza Educational [B.E.] Active adds another dimension, a look at the creative side. Developing and adjusting current sports to have a creative vibe. Introducing un-common sports that build self confidence and personal achievement.