Hi Bonanza Educational families. Everyone who works in and around schools will be affected by the recently announced Teachers’ Walkout. We want to keep you updated on what we know and how we’ll adjust throughout the process.

The Walkout

If you haven’t heard, Arizona teachers are holding a “walkout” or strike beginning April 26th, 2018. The protest is to draw attention to school underfunding since 2008. Specifically, teachers are seeking higher salaries for all school staff and higher funding for everything from building improvements to classroom supplies.

Many teachers and support staff will not be showing up for work during the walkout, and many schools and districts will close in response the anticipated shortage in teachers.

No Bonanza Classes If School Is Closed

In almost all cases, schools that host Bonanza Educational programming will be closed during the first two days of the strike, April 26 and April 27th. After that, each district will address closures on a district-by-district basis.

If a school is closed, there will be no Bonanza Educational class held that day.

Thursday April 26th – All Partner Schools Closed
Friday April 27th – All Partner Schools Closed
Monday April 30th – All Partner Schools Closed except for in Cave Creek Unified School District Updated Monday 4/30
Tuesday May 1st – All Partner Schools Closed except for in Cave Creek Unified School District Updated Monday 4/30
Wednesday May 2nd – All Partner Schools Closed except for in Cave Creek Unified School District Updated Tuesday 5/1
Thursday May 3rd – All School Open, All Bonanza Classes Resume Updated Tuesday 5/1

We Will Make Up Every Missed Class

So far, every cancelled class on April 26th and April 27th can be made up with another day added at the end of the May before the end of school. It is currently our plan to make up all cancelled classes. To make things easier, we will reach out with revised class schedules only after the walkout has ended and schools have notified their communities if additional days will be added.

If the strike continues into next week, each day missed due to the walkout may require a make up day. Therefore, every cancelled class next week should have a new day at the end of calendar to use for a make-up. We will schedule missed classes with the updated schedule once the walkout ends and we get a revised calendar from our partner schools.

It is currently our plan to make up every missed class. We will notify you of an updated schedule after the end of the walkout.

Update: All classes can be made up, though three sections require a unique schedule where the second-to-last and last classes must be 90 minutes instead of the scheduled 60 minutes. We’ve contacted all parents directly with all updated schedules. Please check your email.

Refunds Will Be Issued Only If Necessary & After the Strike

Both the leaders and instructors of Bonanza Educational are not school-employed teachers, so we did not get to vote whether to strike. Regardless of how we feel regarding the strike’s aims, as the manager of nearly 20 awesome Bonanza instructors, we want to do our best to manage this situation both for you, our customer, your kids, and our instructors.

One such way is to do our best to maintain our instructors’ expected income. So, not only are we trying our best to make up any missed classes for your kiddos, but also our instructors can make up any missed work and still earn what they expected from this spring quarter.

For that reason, every class that can be made up, will be made up, and we will only be issuing refunds for programs that have classes that cannot be made up. We will wait until the strike is over to determine a revised schedule and we will also wait until the strike is over to determine what, if any, refunds should be issued.

If a refund is due, it will be based on the pro-rated, per class rate, and equal to the sum of the pro-rated rate times the number of cancelled and not made up classes. As we explained above, we believe the calendar will allow for most, if not all, of cancelled classes to be made up, and this may be uncessary.

If we are unable to make up a missed class, we will refund you appropriately after the strike ends.

Update: Since all classes will be made up, no refunds will be necessary. Please contact us if your revised schedule will not work out.

Stay Tuned!

I will update the page regularly with new news. Stay tuned for updates.


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